Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Koh Samui Map and Interactive Villa Guide

Samui Holiday Villa Rental is proud to launch our new Koh Samui Map and Interactive Villa Guide, the first truly interactive Koh Samui map showing villa rental locations and villa information.

Click to view our online Koh Samui Map and Interactive Villa Guide

Our Koh Samui Map and Interactive Villa Guide is high-resolution and fully zoomable and positionable showing tourist information and the locations of all our Koh Samui villas and holiday rental properties. Use the filtering feature to view the filter out certain property types and view only the properties that interest you.

The map gives information and shows photos of each major area and every beach on Koh Samui giving information on relative tourist, hotel, holiday rental, bar and restaurant densities in the area. Information on tourist attractions, shopping and local Thai restaurants are shown with links to our blog, website and published articles giving more information and reviews on each.

Basic information on each holiday rental property is given as you hover over property icons such as number of bedrooms, rental rates and a thumbnail image is shown. Clicking then brings you to the villa information webpage for that particular property.

Samui Holiday Villa Rental have developed this Koh Samui map to give you all the information you need to plan your perfect getaway in tropical, Koh Samui island, Thailand.

Please note that the interactive features of this Koh Samui map are not available to Ipad and Iphone users. An html5 version (Ipad and Iphone compatable) is currently in development.

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